Home Auto Mechanic - February 1956

Dechrome Your Car, Touch-Up Painting, Paint Your Car Like A Pro

HOME AUTO MECHANIC— The Easy Way to Elegance-Dechrome Your Car - Even if you have a 1956 model, Your Car Needs Hotter Ignition - Remote Control Lock for the Trunk - Paint Your Car Like a Pro - Before Spring Fever Strikes - Checklist for Spring Car Care - Interior Car Care - Lubricating Minor Parts - Care for Chrome - Keeping Stainless in Trim - Touch-up Painting - Motor Maintenance for Warmer Weather - Radiator Care for Spring - Testing Compression and Oil Pressure - When Your Fuel Pump Fails, an Emergency How-to - Troubleshooting Your Car - How You Can Avoid Service Gyps - Prepare an Emergency Tool Kit: - So You Think You're a Safe Driver? - Shopping Guide for the Home Auto Mechanic - Here's How To - Ask the Troubleshooter

Condition: Good.

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